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In short, because it’s the best way for you to ensure your site is profitable

For the uninitiated, the concept of search engine optimization (or SEO) can be an alien and slightly baffling one to grasp. It’s easy to take for granted that for every search term we punch into Google, Bing or Yahoo, there are only 10 or so results for the first page and some billions of contending pages.

Whatever sector you’re seeking to have a website developed for, it’s no secret that there will be hundreds or thousands of competitors companies vying for those limited few spots on the front of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Achieving those winning results requires SEO and taking this into consideration fulfils the title of the article in a nutshell.

However, if you or anyone you know is considering having a website developed, it’s well worth understanding the full ramifications of this, especially considering first page sites get over 98% of the visits from these potential customers.

How Do Search Engines Work Anyway?

Search engines work by indexing (i.e reviewing and storing data locally for immediate reference) all relevant information on the Internet and keep it in data centers. Each search engine has a computer algorithm to reference all indexed info in the data centers for relevant web pages every time a user types in a search phrase (or keyword).

These search algorithms are extremely complicated mathematical equations which are often written by some of the most talented computer scientists and programmers in the world. Every time somebody searches for something, this algorithm is invoked to make sure the results which hit the first page are the best, most useful and most relevant to the user. Thus, search engines ensure that their services keep clients coming back.

What Does This Mean for My Company Website?

There’s an almost alarming number of web design companies out there who do not also handle the SEO for their client’s newly developed websites. The fact that there are any at all is shocking and it’s a painfully common mistake made by business owners to hire a series of talented digital artists to create a beautiful, elegant and intuitive website which has absolutely no SEO executed whatsoever. This is why you need a web design and SEO company.

This means the difference between appearing on the front page of the search engines or not. Ultimately, it means the difference between business success and receiving absolutely no traffic, no new clients and making no money. It’s genuinely like buying the body of a beautiful new Ferrari sports car which has no engine and no wheels, except instead of a car it’s your entire livelihood on the line.

What Search Engine Optimization Will Noam Design do for My Site?

Because it would not be an overstatement to say that building websites means clients are putting their entire lives in your hands, every step of our design process is approached with search engine optimization in mind. While search engines such as Google possess phenomenally complex algorithms to search the entire Internet instantaneously, we have put together algorithms of our own to constantly cross reference the code and to check for optimization.

We track a total of 117 different algorithms to ensure your website is constantly run through its paces to ensure search engine performance. Furthermore, once the website is live, we go through a reiteration process to further bolster all the good work done in the foundations to ensure your website continues to improve in that performance. Some web design companies may think it’s acceptable not to take these things into consideration, but we go all out to make sure your site will perform as well as it looks.


Simon is an SEO expert and search marketing maven - his focus is on connecting the buyer and the seller using search engines, social media and other effective methods of traffic generation. Understanding the sales funnel and creating one tight enough water can't get though is crucial to a successful campaign. A good UX (user experience) is vital, without one your funnel is worthless - but when the right user experience and the correct sales funnel come together, sales explode and users can't help but subscribe. Follow Simon on Twitter or Gplus

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