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Our Top Three Fonts Out Of Thirty Eight Great New Typefaces For 2013

Designing a usable, attractive typeface is truly one of the last great art forms. Unless you have tried to design a typeface of your own, it is hard to imagine the effort, creativity, and skill that is required to produce a unique, functional and original new typeface.

Interactive designer and typeface aficionado, Sean Mitchell, selected 38 wonderful new typefaces to highlight the new creations for the winter of 2013. From these, we have picked three of our favorites to share with you. To see all of the 38 amazing new typefaces, go to The Next Web and enjoy a feast for your eyes and senses.

First up is our personal favorite among the great 38. From the Font Bureau, we present Serge, designed by Cyrus Highsmith. Described as a “frisky, acrobatic face that dashes off decorative blurbs, signs, and headlines with a lively, angular zest,” this simple and attractive typeface just adds the right amount of zip to the printed page.

serge font
Our second choice is a sassy script from Art. Lebedev Studio: ALS SyysScript designed by Julia Sysm‰l‰inen. This easy to read modern font with a handwritten look is perfect for personalizing your important communications.

ALS SyysScript

Our third favorite is the Borutta: Wood Type Collection from font designer  Mateusz Machalski. This set of 7 font families designed to resemble wood block type is just what the doctor ordered when you are looking for something warm and different to spice up your website or brighten up a long email to distant relatives.

Wood Type Collection

While we chose three special typefaces as our personal favorites, every single one of the 35 other typefaces are just as wonderful. Look them all over and pick your own favorites, then try your hand and design a typeface of your own.


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  1. Paul
    February 6, 2013 at 3:45 am

    Thanks for passing along! I think Borutta would go to the top of my list! However, I love wood type style fonts.

    If you haven’t visited yet, you might pay them a visit. It is a private typography community that can only be accessed by subscription, but it is definitely one of, if not the best type forums on the internet. Anyhow, check it out if you’re really into type, which it looks like you may be!


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