how to find a good web design company

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur in the throes of going it alone or you’re an established business looking to update your web presence, it’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of making a great impact with your website.

Naturally, you want to know how to find a good web design company and, being in the business, we know there are several key points to take into consideration.

You’ve already taken the first step which is to begin your research and reading this article should put you in good stead to continue on the same vein.

The Importance of Research

The Internet has become something of a double-edge sword. On the one side, if either an individual or company makes a mistake, it can be extremely difficult to cover up any traces of error, leaving us all open to constant scrutiny and potential criticism. On the other hand however, and in a point which has proven particularly valuable to consumers, companies who act in ethical, diligent and talented fashions leave behind a treasure trail of positivity for potential clients to follow.

Due to the nature of the web development business, there’s always a great deal of evidence online of the best companies. Consequently, searching for previous clients, checking their search engine optimization, rankings and social footprints can all provide a wider picture of the kind of website development company you’re hiring. So, don your Columbo-style beige coat, magnifying glass and Sherlock Holmes smoking pipe and investigate these areas to gain a solid idea of the considered company.

What Kind of Website Does the Development Company Have?

Another telling aspect about a web development team is the website they’ve created for themselves. It’s surprising how often you browse around at design companies only to find they own thoroughly lacklustre sites. Remember that any self-respecting and gifted web development team will have put together a lovely showcase example of their work. Simply move on if the website is anything less.

The Importance of Testimonials

Finally, and also most importantly, comes the point of testimonials. Testimonials glowing like the North Star which are provably written by previous clients are by far the strongest possible way to ensure the time and money you invest in the people putting together your dreams one web page at a time will be the right team. Web development is a highly personal and involved process and it strikes a difficult balance between creativity and technical capability. Always check for testimonials of any company you’re considering.


Simon is an SEO expert and search marketing maven - his focus is on connecting the buyer and the seller using search engines, social media and other effective methods of traffic generation. Understanding the sales funnel and creating one tight enough water can't get though is crucial to a successful campaign. A good UX (user experience) is vital, without one your funnel is worthless - but when the right user experience and the correct sales funnel come together, sales explode and users can't help but subscribe. Follow Simon on Twitter or Gplus


  1. Kevin
    March 25, 2013 at 12:51 am

    I disagree about the testimonials. While it can enlighten you as to the quality of their work it can also be a flat out lie. I only see testimonials as a value if they come from a source that can be verified. Myself I only put testimonials up from my LinkedIn account because they do come from the client and can even be removed by the client. Although I think there are quite a few other things with LinkedIn that don’t tell the whole story (like the new way in which anyone can endorse you even if they don’t know you) the testimonials are legit for the most part.

    I would add that a contact person should accompany any online testimonial so that the potential client can follow up on them and ensure they are legit.


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